Landing your dream job in a time of unemployment
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Landing your dream job in a time of unemployment


Finding work is a major concern for almost every tertiary education graduate. Unemployment is a massive problem the world over though due to a myriad of factors including the economic recession, technology replacing workers, and an excess of qualified people.

Another crippling effect is student loans. Many students take out loans in order to study and provide for their futures. As if the unemployment problem isn’t enough, these students have huge loans to repay once their studies are complete.

“Occupy” Higher Education

The unemployment problem and student loan crisis is not unique to South Africa. Christopher Guizlo, an American student, writes about his experience of the education/unemployment problem in the United States and how it relates to the “Occupy” movement.

I will graduate with my master’s degree in public communication and enter a job market that is still in the doldrums. That degree comes with about $40,000 in student loan debt.

Like many others, we didn’t save enough to make it through all four years of undergrad and my one-year graduate program. My parents knew we would have to borrow money to do so, but they did not want anything to stop me from going to my dream school.

The “ We are the 99 percent” Tumblr account features countless faces and stories of frustration with the economic problems our country is going through. A dominating theme is people who graduated from college with huge amounts of debt and are having trouble paying back their student loans while trying to make ends meet. Maybe it’s time to Occupy Higher Education.

Like most college graduates, I want to establish my adult life. I want to buy a house, get married and start a family. But I don’t know if that is going to happen as soon as I wanted.

I am not alone. The average student who graduated in 2007-8 had $23,186 in student loan debt, and the total amount of outstanding student loans is expected to surpass $1 trillion this year.”

Should Occupy Wall Street become Occupy Higher Education? by Christopher Guizlo

The hospitality employment advantage

It’s not all dire straits though. Hotel school students have a substantial advantage over millions of tertiary graduates every year. This is because they graduate job-ready with a considerable head start due to their experience in the hospitality industry.

The International Hotel School courses are 50% practical and the intensive work experience (experiential learning) at leading hospitality properties prepares graduates for the ‘real’ working world. Finding a job is just that much easier when you already have vital work experience on your CV.

Hospitality graduates are looking for their first jobs with 18 months of quality work experience behind them. That is, of course, if they haven’t already been snapped up by international head-hunters.

Already two steps ahead in your hospitality career

Did you know that international properties come to IHS looking for our top students? Establishments including Disney, Ritz, Cunard Liners (Queen Mary and QE2) and The Yachts of Seabourn to name a few. With a hospitality qualification, you’re already two steps ahead of other tertiary graduates.

Often our students sail into the sunset on luxury liners, working hard, learning new languages and skills, and earning very good salaries. Many are able to pay off their student loans this way. You’re not only gaining valuable experience, working at a high level with diverse guests – you’re also seeing the world.

A hospitality career is for the disciplined and determined

Lest it sound like IHS is the place to go for an easy education and guaranteed job, let’s set the record straight! Our hospitality students work incredibly hard. The hospitality industry requires determination and discipline. It’s hard work, unusual hours, and unpredictable guests.

But it’s also highly rewarding in terms of travel, cultural experiences, and salary (depending where you work)! You’ve only to read about Steve’s life on a cruise ship (Steve is one of our graduates) to get an idea of what hospitality life is like.


Landing your dream job in a time of unemployment