Japan Builds World’s Second Tallest Building
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Japan Builds World’s Second Tallest Building

The construction of Tokyo’s Sky Tree, officially the world’s tallest communication tower and the second tallest building, has finally been completed in Tokyo’s eastern Asakusa traditional district.

Standing at 634 meters high, the tower was scheduled to finish in December 2011 but was delayed after the tsunami affected building supplies.

The new tower, which cost approximately ¥65 billion (US$ 806 million), is still considered the second tallest manmade building, after Dubai’s 830-meter Burj Khalifa.

The Tokyo Sky Tree will provide services for digital radio and TV transmission and houses other facilities such as an aquarium, a theather and even academic institutes.

It also hosts two observation decks—at 350 metres and 450 metres above ground—as well as an “air corridor”, which is a glass outer walkway.

“When Tokyo Sky Tree stands tall in the eastern sky from where the sun rises, a future community will be formed at its foot and it will be one of a kind that is filled with tenderness,” states the press release.

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