Infographic: The Scenic Route To A Longer Life
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Infographic: The Scenic Route To A Longer Life

As we all know, the secret to achieving longevity is well, not quite a secret.

As repeatedly told to us by health experts and life gurus, maintaining a healthy body and positive energy all around helps.

Unfortunately, they often get lost in the everyday narrative of our busy lives.

According to an infographic titled ‘The Scenic Route To A Longer Life’, the key to living longer is really, very simple—enjoy life.

How? By drinking alcohol and coffee as well as eating chocolate and garlic. (Moderate amounts of each will bring health benefits.)

It also states other factors such as fostering a close relationship with your mom, starting school later, choosing the right spouse and owning a pet, which will all lead to overall health.

Lastly, one can also live longer by staying positive, meditating, surrounding oneself with indoor plants and listening to the dentist.

Easy and straightforward enough?

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[via Daily Infographic]
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