Infographic: Is Your Job Killing You?
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Infographic: Is Your Job Killing You?

An infographic by Human Resources MBA looks at work-related stress and how it affects people and their lives.

‘Is Your Job Killing You?’ states that women who have control/power in a workplace were 70% more likely to die compared to those that don’t feel in control.

The top 10 most stressful jobs go to: commercial pilots, public relations officers, senior corporate executives, photojournalists, newscasters, advertising account executives, architects, stockbrokers, emergency medical technicians, and real estate agents.

Some of the common causes of work stress are: heavy workloads, management techniques, lack of support and relationship with co-workers, restructuring in the workplace, and physical and verbal abuse.

The infographic also says that stress is the number one cause of extended leaves of absence from work in the UK.

Stress has said to be linked to heart disease, stroke, obesity, memory problems, depression, sleep issues, aggravation of skin conditions, quickened progression of HIV/AIDS and digestive issues.

The infographic ends with tips on how to reduce job stress, such as eating well, exercising often, getting enough sleep, properly aligning workload, and making sensible work schedules.

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