Infographic: Beer And Its History
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Infographic: Beer And Its History

Without beer, where would we be now? Online Bachelor Degree Programs created an infographic on the history of beer and how it ‘saved’ the world.

In ‘Beer Saved the World’, the infographic looks at the benefits of the brew from way back in the 1600 BC.

According to the infographic, Egyptians knew that “a beer a day keeps the doctor away”. And in those days, pyramid construction workers received a gallon of beer each as a daily wage.

In 1200 AD, Egyptian children were baptized with beer.

And in Medieval Europe, beer was considered cleaner than water as it contained 3-4% of alcohol—apparently saving millions from giardia and worse.

Today, the annual beer consumption is about 22 gallons per person.

The infographic also says that Americans drink enough beer each year to fill 330 oil tankers.

Shall we celebrate the drink with drinks?

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Click to view full infographic

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