In Ad Series, Ex-Smokers Scare You Into Quitting
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In Ad Series, Ex-Smokers Scare You Into Quitting

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To discourage smoking and promote healthy lifestyles, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention created a series of ads that feature former smokers.

In the ‘Tips From Former Smokers’ campaign, former smokers, and those who were previously affected by smoking talk about the effects of diseases, illnesses and conditions they’ve experienced because of smoking.

Smoking could cause: throat cancer, Buerger’s disease, asthma, heart attack and stroke.

In the ads, ex-smokers live their lives differently because of their conditions their bad habit had caused.

Those who’ve got throat cancer might lose their hair and teeth due to the effects of the treatments, and have tracheotomies/stomas. Those who’ve had Beurger’s disease caused by smoking might have to have amputations.

Strokes could cause you to be bed-ridden and lose your independence.

And second-hand smoking could also cause life-threatening asthma attacks, which could cause one to be on lots of medication for a really long time.

The campaign is not all gloomy, as it also shows those who’ve quit smoking even before it was too late. If they can quit smoking, so can you or those you care about.

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