Hospitality brands embrace education as Glion celebrates golden anniversary
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Hospitality brands embrace education as Glion celebrates golden anniversary

This spring see the 50th Anniversary of Glion Institute of Higher Education. A major achievement in a field where experience has often been seen to outweigh qualifications. Yet Glion is by no means resting on its laurels, with the growth of the online programs over the last 2 years opening further opportunities and widening the scope of hospitality education to a greater audience.

Partnering with major industry names such as Accor and Taj Hotel, Resorts and Palaces has given Glion firsthand experience of what companies are looking for in terms of personnel development. “The Accor General Manager needs to be an ambassador of our company culture, our values, but also needs to be the total business manager and know their market,” says Fabrice Tessier, Director of Schools Relations and Partnerships, Accor. All of which are encompassed within the Glion MBA program.

The majority of students joining the online programs are seeking a step up the career ladder, and the knowledge that executive talent from multi-national brands is involved is a significant factor. In Asia alone, Accor operate 300 hotels, and are opening new properties at a rate of one per week. This presents individuals with more opportunities in an ever growing industry while continued investment in education is a clear sign of where companies see the future and how managerial candidates can set themselves apart.

The combination of 50 years of expertise matched with the continued strength of incoming students from partnerships as well as on an individual basis has put Glion in a very strong position moving forwards. The value of the partnerships cannot be underestimated, yet it is the endearing quality of education that keeps Glion is its industry leading position.

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