History Repeats Itself: Men Are Wearing Stilettos, Yay Or Nay?
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History Repeats Itself: Men Are Wearing Stilettos, Yay Or Nay?

Men are not left behind in this androgynous rage right now, as they borrow a feminine element from the women’s closet.

The New York Times has spotted a man, 23-year-old Mr Wagner, at club sporting “a pair of eight-inch bright neon green lace-up stiletto ankle boots, procured from the Ladies Studio Exotic Shoes on Hollywood Boulevard”.

Wagner and his friends are bringing back history—back in the 18th century in France, high-heels were worn by aristocrats (both men and women); the height and hindrance of the heels were to show that they could afford to live a luxurious life with the lack of doing hard, manual labour.

But could these “high-heels for men” be just a passing fad?

According to The Times Of India, some men (especially those that are vertically-challenged) are willing to give it a try.

“I’d wear them; I’ve been short all my life,” says India’s MTV VJ Cyrus Sahukar. “I think men’s heels are going to be a huge fad in India with more than 50% of the orders coming from Bollywood alone! Why not do away with women’s heels and let men wear theirs, to even out the balance?”

Some men think otherwise of the fashion trend, and that brain makes one more attractive than brawn.

Comedian Vir Das told The Times Of India, “I definitely won’t try them! I’m happy with my feet. As for height issue, I’m a funny guy so having a sense of humor is far better than wearing a pair of heels.”

But what makes these towering shoes so appealing to men in the first place? Well, Gregory Alexander, who runs a party A Club Called Rhonda told The New York Times that: “It’s a power thing. You’re higher than everybody else. You make more sound. You walk a different way. It makes your legs look better.”

“A power thing”, a height above the rest, “your legs look better”—sounds like the same reasons why women are attracted to wearing the stilettos.

However, some men think women shouldn’t wear them at all, since “walking in heels puts so many women in a bad mood”, Das said.

What do you think of stilettos for men?

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