From the freezer to the oven!
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From the freezer to the oven!

Heya, quick update! 

Tomorrow will be a big day! I’m departing with prof. Göran Lindahl to São Paulo, Brazil! Cecilia Hillman is already there since yesterday, and together we will try to show what it is like to study at Chalmers.

chalmers  My bag is full…of Chalmers stuff! Not sure I’ll wear this hoodie there though, but it will be warm and cozy during the loooooooong flight.

You can find us in the student fairs taking place in:

São Paulo – March 3/4, Hotel Unique (opens at 2pm)

Rio de Janeiro – March 8, Hotel Marriott Copacabana

I’ll also make a presentation at my home university in Fortaleza, but that’s a closed event. ;)


My friend said it was 38C in São Paulo today…call me crazy, but I didn’t miss the Brazilian weather at all! 

I hope this is gonna be great! I’ll try to keep you guys updated about what’s going on there, both here and on twitter.

Oh my, I gotta wake up at 4am and its now midnight! Tchau tchau!


/Daniela Farias