Educational opportunities for the disabled in Thailand
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Educational opportunities for the disabled in Thailand

The Guardian:

Yet the National Educational Act, passed in 1999 – and accompanied by posters declaring: “Any disabled person who wishes to go to school can do so” – supposedly guaranteed all disabled children access to state education.

The education act did have some success. Between 2000 and 2004, the number of students with disabilities accessing education increased from 145,000 to 187,000. These students were taught at more than 18,000 inclusive schools, defined by the government as those that teach children with and without disabilities. There was further legislative progress with the Education Provision for People with Disabilities Act, passed in 2008, which made it illegal for schools to refuse entry to children with disabilities.

BP: Not the normal thing that BP blogs about, but saw a link online to the article – which has links to sources it cites – which BP found interesting. Have a read of the whole article which shows that there are still some problems…

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