Drive to Copenhagen, Denmark!
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Drive to Copenhagen, Denmark!

For some fresh air out of Sweden, I together with 4 friends rent a car and drove ourselves from Gothenburg to Denmark last Saturday. I should have published the blog on Monday, but this week, I was sooooooo busy for catching up with the work left behind last week for preparing for the trip: we designed the tour route, booked hostel, prepared some food etc. More importantly, we had to also, search the details of the route for our car.
It’s a little pity that the weather is not so good when we started from our apartment. We googled the route from Gothenburg to Helsingborg, and then took the ferry to Helsingor—Denmark! There we visited Kronborg Castle. Before, I only know Shakespeare wrote the story Hamlet, and it’s about the revenge story of prince, but I didn’t know the story in detail. For this trip, I specially read it and it evoked my curiosity more.

The distant view of castle

Inside of the Castle

Then we drove along the Baltic Sea instead of highway to Copenhagen.  The sun came out later and it was so beautiful view, that we couldn’t wait to stop on half way.

So clean view

Later the weather became better and better, and we really enjoyed this trip. Though we lost our way now and then, we always found something out of our expectation—“extra surprise”.  Below was a set of pictures I would like to share with you, among which I want to say more about is the mermaid. She looks a little bit sad for some reason, though she got a rose from someone. Yeah, rose doesn’t mean love, if it is not from Mr. Right, right?

Miss Mermaid, with rose, but sad




Kongens Nytorv

DSC01882  DSC01873


We stopped and continued all the way and took a lot of beautiful pictures. When we went back to Sweden, the amazing sunset view put a good ending to our trip.

From Gothenburg: welcome back!