Daylight Saving Time, did you feel it this morning?
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Daylight Saving Time, did you feel it this morning?

Today, it was 7:35, and I was waken up by my alarm set on my cell phone as usual. I feel proud of myself to get up so early in a Sunday morning, because I have a lot of homework to do. Then I opened my computer. The moment I saw my desktop, my pride disappeared somehow, because it showed: 8: 35!

Though I have heard about the daylight saving a little bit before, but when I felt it myself, it was different. My computer updated the time automatically, while my cell phone was kind of “old-fashioned”, and kept the old time, and I have to change the time difference manually.

On one hand, I felt not so good for the lost one hour, for another, I thought, I should be happy that my cell phone didn’t update itself, otherwise, I would lose one hour sleeping.

Haha, such a funny morning! First, reset my time on the phone, then work!!

Have a nice weekend!