Chalmers in Brazil – Part 1
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Chalmers in Brazil – Part 1


Right now I’m sitting in the sofa of my cozy home in Fortaleza, looking at the brazilian TV with my mom while we complain about the scorching heat. It’s nice to be able to sit down and rest a bit with my family…these days have been crazy!

We arrived in São Paulo in the night of March 3rd, after 14 hours in a plane from Amsterdam (plus 1:20 from Göteborg). It was a very tiresome flight, but I actually feel it went by faster than I thought. Me and Göran talked a lot, and I also got to catch The Muppets and all my favorite series on the in-flight entertainment system, hehe. 

Our time in São Paulo was quite hectic. Two days of event, a lot of talking and a lot of explaining! I talked so much that I got tired of listening to my own voice…I had fun though, it was great to meet so many new people; some never thought of studying in Sweden, some were already in love with the country. We even got to meet a middle-aged man whose dad had studied at Chalmers! There was also a guy that was learning swedish just because he thought it “sounded cool”. So yeah, a lot of different folks, great fun!


Cecilia, me and Göran at our booth, looking sharp. ;)

But of course work is not all! I was very happy to have some time to grab dinner with long time friends I have in town. It was arranged in a rush, but it worked well! :)




On the last day of the event we gave a small presentation about Chalmers, and from there I ran to the airport to catch a plane home. And oh, it’s good to be home, missed my folks so much…

…and of course I missed the FOOD.


Delicious “green beans” (that are actually brown), very traditional in my area. They’re prepared with cream, onions and cheese…oh my, oh my.

Yesterday I gave a presentation in my home university, UNIFOR, about swedish architecture and studyng in Sweden. It was very nice; I got to meet some old teachers of mine, friends and also new faces. I got a bunch of questions by the end, so I think it was interesting.


As I was presenting, there aren’t many good quality pics…


When I got home, mom had bought me a cake to celebrate by bday in advance! My actual birthday is at March 10th, so I’ll spend it partly in Rio, and partly in the plane back to Göteborg.


No one managed to learn “Ja må hon leva”.


I love that my friends know exactly the stuff I like. Star Wars coasters, R2D2 figure, Kick Ass comic book and…fashion glasses. My mom mentioned that I’m turning 28, not 12, but I’ll just ignore that.

So yeah, so far so good! Tomorrow 3am I’m boarding the plane to my dear hometown Rio, after 10 years! Then more work…and some sightseeing, I hope!


/Daniela Farias