Cass Business School, London
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Cass Business School, London

The Cass Business School is part of the City University of London system, and promises its students innovative, relevant and forward-looking education, training, consultancy and research. With an ideal location in London, at the heart of one of the most fast-paced and significant financial centers in the world, Cass Business School provides unique opportunities to all those who study here.


Pic: Cass Business School

Cass boasts impressive statistics that will be attractive to any student or professional seeking keen business knowledge and an edge up on the competition. It has the largest faculties of Finance and Actuarial Science and Insurance of any school in Europe. Cass is currently ranked in the top 10 UK business schools for business, management and finance research, and 90 percent of the research that comes out of the school is given international acclaim.

The school is also ranked number one in the UK and number five globally in the top 30 FYMBA Rising Stars Ranking 2011.

The Financial Times named Cass as being second in the world in their global ranking for Corporate Strategy specialization and number 3 in the world for Human Resources.

The highly motivated and intellectual community at Cass fosters a good deal of innovative thinking and partnerships. Students, academics, industry experts, business leaders and policy makers here can enrich each other’s thinking.

The faculty includes 100 experts who cover all manner of business areas, including finance, human resources, economics, real estate finance, banking, financial mathematics and other areas.

Cass’ transformative MBA program will help students shift the way they look at multiple aspects of their lives, particularly their views on business and their careers.

MBA candidates at Cass are immersed in real-world business issues from day one. Their studies are focused on preparing them to enter the business world as effective, successful professional leaders. Courses are taught through a mix of case studies, lectures, simulations, and practical applications of contemporary management themes. Cass also invites professionals from major London firms to give presentations and speak with students, ensuring that Cass graduates are learning from the most seasoned and successful business figures.

Cass seeks MBA students who have a strong understanding of their own motivations and a clear focus for where they want to go in their careers. For this reason, all MBA students are required to have several years of working experience prior to entering the program, and should be able to speak to why said experience has been valuable for them.

Cass offers a 12-month full-time MBA program, in addition to an Executive MBA and an Executive MBA in Dubai.

The full-time MBA program exposes students to international markets and business environments, such as China, Dubai and South Africa. It is a course designed to help students develop an international outlook on global business and finance.

A wide selection of electives allows students to tailor their MBA experiences to their interests and goals in order to prepare themselves to enter the business sector of their choosing upon graduation.

Cass welcomes students from all over the world to its program, and representatives travel around the world to educate students about the opportunities that await them in London. For those who are not in the vicinity of a Cass representatives’ tour, there are online information sessions, during which prospective students can ask questions of MBA advisors and current MBA candidates.

The Cass community includes a wide range of professions, sectors and nationalities. Applicants are assessed on their individual merits, what they bring to the table and what they can get from the Cass MBA program. Successful applicants are intelligent, well-rounded and global-minded people.


Pic: Cass Business School

The proactive administration also holds leadership seminars to anticipate and discuss the challenges that lie on the horizon for up and coming business leaders.

Soft skills are an absolute necessity in the corporate world, and Cass attends to those as well. Students attend events on negotiation, networking, presentation skills and language in order to become well-rounded in terms of their business expertise.

Beyond the rigorous and enriching academic courses, Cass students may choose to engage in any number of campus activities, including sports culture clubs, and business groups that cover everything from entrepreneurship to mergers and acquisitions.

Cass is a school where women business leaders are cultivated and encouraged, and the school celebrates events such as International Women’s Day with insightful seminars.

The Cass alumni network is vast, with 6,500 MBA grads and 25,000 total alumni leading successful careers throughout the world. Because each student brings his or her own diverse experience to the program, classmates and future colleagues can gain insight and knowledge by sharing their experiences.

Visit and like the Cass Facebook page and follow them on Twitter for news on school happenings, and view videos on their youtube page for a more in-depth look at what the school has to offer.