Video of KFC staff punching customer goes viral in Malaysia
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Video of KFC staff punching customer goes viral in Malaysia

A video capturing staff of fast food chain KFC punching a customer has gone viral in Malaysia, prompting a police report to be lodged on the incident and the victim holding a press conference on the issue.

The 28-second video, which was captured using a mobile phone device, showed a group of KFC staff walking out of the kitchen to confront Ng Chee Fei, a customer, among busy onlookers in the restaurant.

According to Ng’s lawyer Eric Tan, Ng and other customers at the KFC restaurant had waited for nearly an hour for to order fried chicken, only to be told that the stock was finished. Customers started to complain and claimed that the staff got grouchy and rudely replied them.

In an article that appeared here, Tan said Ng had an exchange of words with the KFC staff and was dragged out by his wife upon seeing one of the staff coming out with a steel bar. However, Ng re-entered the outlet to take photos and jot down names of the staff, leading to the restaurant chain’s kitchen staff coming out to punch him.

The video posted on Youtube has attracted about 400 views, as well as racist remarks that led to Ng coming out with a member of Parliament to explain on the incident.

“I regret the allegations of racial sentiments circulated on the internet, and urge netizens to stop all these nonsense as they were not at the scene. (The public) should not make up the issue,” Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng told quoted as saying on behalf of the man at a press conference.

Ng had denied making racist remarks to the Malay KFC staff before the confrontation.