Spring is coming!
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Spring is coming!

I still remembered how excited I was when I saw the heaviest snow since I arrived in Gothenburg last August, because it was right before the Chinese New Year.


                                 So happy about the snow then

However, every morning, when I open my eyes, the snow is always there. It was so cold and the ground was extremely slippy, which made me fall down for three times!!! I noticed then, I was NOT excited about the snow at all. I began praying about good weather every night and even wished that all the snow would disappeare in one night!! Suddenly, notice it or not, Spring comes these two days!
/>The sunshine today is so great, and I decide to go out for some exercise, at least breathe some fresh and warm air.

/>Little plant: Mum, I need sunshine! I am so happy that the snow fiiiiiiiiinally went away!


                                            Peaceful view


/>As the snow went away, it’s time for us to work out and get close to nature!! Why not plan for hiking or bicycle trip this weekend?