SKorean survey: Appearance-based discrimination is widespread
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SKorean survey: Appearance-based discrimination is widespread

Original article in Korean is at this link.

Four in ten say they have suffered discrimination in hiring on the basis of their looks, which cost them either job opportunities or caused them to receive lower salaries, a survey has found.

The jobs website Career announced on the 29th the results of its survey of 583 jobseekers, finding that that 42.4% believe they have been the victims of discrimination based on their appearances and have lost job and salary opportunities that way.

Of those lost opportunities, 53.4% were “absolutely never being hired”, 35.6% were “being evaluated by my appearance more than my education, grades, or talents”, and 25.5% were “being discrimincated against compared to other applicants”.

20.6% said “I have been told rude statements about my appearance” and 16.2% said “I have been asked questions related tomy appearance”.

55.9% said that they had “just put up with it”.

However, 31.2% said they “didn’t join the company despite beign accepted”, 7.3% “lost weight or had plastic surgery”, and 4% “complained strongly”.

85.2% of all respondents said that one’s appearance affects one’s job search.

49.5% believed it had a “significant” influence while 29.4% said it was “very significant”, a total of 78.9%. 20.1% said it was neither significant nor insignificant, 1% said it was of “low significance”, and none said it was “very insignificant”.