SKorea: School violence stays in the spotlight
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SKorea: School violence stays in the spotlight

The topic of school violence continues to be a major focus of the Korean media, seemingly presenting a never-ending source of stories. Today came the news of a not-very-bright group of bullies in Bucheon.

The Ojeong Police Station in Bucheon has arrested six, including 18-year-old A, on charges of assaulting a classmate and uploading the video to the internet.

A and the others are accused of beating classmate B with their fists inside a classroom on September 8 of last year, then uploading to an internet site a video of the incident made with a cellphone and titled “beating up a loser” (왕따 때리기).

Police investigators found that through the end of December the group continued to bully B.

The pressure of the constant drumbeat of negative stories in the media is now leading to changes in policy not just by local, municipal offices of education but also by the national government. Today the government rolled out a series of proposed changes to better protect victims and increase the penalties for bullies.