SKorea: School violence in the news
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SKorea: School violence in the news

School violence continues to be one of the dominant topics in the Korean media, as it has been since late December. Four stories landed on the front page of Naver’s ‘Society’ section today:

1. First, police found a cycle of violence being perpetrated at a high school in Daegu. Older students would beat up and humiliate younger students using techniques learned from gangster movies, and the younger students would then turn around and do the same to the next class of kids to follow them.

2. In Gimhae, two high school boys were arrested and charged with making over 9.4 million won by forcing younger students, including elementary students, to stay up late at night selling baked sweet potatoes in bars and so on.

3. In Seoul, police say parents are increasingly coming to them when school officials refuse to take serious action regarding bullying and violence. One boy’s parents are bringing criminal charges against teachers who failed to prevent their son from being assaulted.

4. One reporter looked back at the student suicides in Daegu and Seoul that brought about the massive attention currently being paid to the issues of bullying and school violence.

In other education news, teachers say students are increasingly ignoring them if they are not full-time, regular teachers. For example, substitute teachers or part-time teachers in specific subjects such as English conversation can’t seem to get students to pay attention.