Most-read articles of the week — Feb. 26, 2012
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Most-read articles of the week — Feb. 26, 2012

Top 10 in society.

1. Police are having trouble figuring out just what happened in a fight between a pregnant woman and a female worker in a restaurant.

2.  More on #1.

3. A girl was molested on the subway as other riders pretended not to notice.

4. A man was recorded on line 4 of the Seoul subway berating and hitting a girl.

5. More on #1.

6. After doctors in Seoul performed seven organ transplants on a young girl, they discovered that Korean law actually made four of the transplants illegal. If they had followed the law, the girl would have had no chance to survive.

7. MBC news anchor, Choi Il-gu, is participating in the strike there.

8. A man who murdered his wife and tried to make it look like a car accident was sentenced to 15 years in prison. In other news, if you murder your pregnant wife in Korea, you might only go to prison for 15 years. Maybe there’s a powerful sociopaths’ lobby or something.

9. More on #1.

10. An article about how forensic investigators use the state of a body’s decomposition — in particular, the types of insects found on it — to determine the time of death.