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Have you heard about Eurovision? 

If you are planning to study in Sweden, I am sure you know how much Swedes love music. And I am not talking only about listening to it, almost all my friends sang at least once in front of me – during a sittning, party, game, dinner… 

So, about Eurovision: this year’s contest will be the 57th. Since Azerbaijan won in 2011, it will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan. Sweden first win was in 1974 when ABBA sang Waterloo. I am sure you have heard this song, but if not just click on the name.

Since then they won 3 more times, holding the competition twice in Stockholm and once in Göteborg and Malmö. Last year they came third, with Eric Saade’s song Popular.

The reason behind this post is Melodifestivalen – swedish song contest where contestant for Eurovision will be chosen. It started 4th of February and will finish 10th of March at the Global Arena in Stockholm. Now, if you ask people almost everybody will deny listening or enjoying these songs. If you go back in time, you will notice that music back then was actually very good and singers were already a household names. Now, it is mostly for unknown singers trying to please the audience and open some doors in the industry.

Still, I find it amusing and funny to watch with a group of friends. Last year, we were following Eurovision during the final night. I believe we were almost 30 sitting around one small, old tv and cheering up for different countries. 

So, if you have nothing better to do, organize a watching with a friend or two, three etc. I promise, if nothing else, you will have material to make fun of the performers. In a good spirit of course :)

My favorite at the moment.