Don’t use knowledge to distort morality
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Don’t use knowledge to distort morality

BP saw a similar photo in the papers the other day and have been meaning to blog on it. It is of a group of journalism students at Thammasat University protesting against Nitirat as seen from the below photo:


Caption: Former and current journalism students rally at Thammasat University against (!) proposals of the Nitirat’s group to reform the constitution and the lèse majesté law. (Source: Facebook)

BP: Saksith has the context and has translated the posters:

First off, let me express my astonishment that of all people, journalists and those striving to become one, should know better than anyone how important the subject of lèse majesté is and how threatening it is to their creed – the more mind-boggling and revealing it is to see these people rallying with posters (see above) like “Journalism [Faculty] against Nitirat”“Nitirat is not Thammasat, Thammasat is not Nitirat” and “Don’t let knowledge distort morality!*

BP: Indeed. It is the last poster which BP found the most astonishing. It seems seeking the truth and knowledge won’t be the priorities of these student. Then again, this means they will fit in quite well at a few media outlets…..

btw, see Saksith’s post for more….

*A long-term reader points out that “use” is a better translation than “let”. After thinking about it, BP has changed the headline so the translation of the last poster would be better translated as “Don’t use knowledge to distort morality”

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