Brandeis University, The Heller School for Social Policy and Management
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Brandeis University, The Heller School for Social Policy and Management

Located in Massachusetts, the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University is home to innovative ideas, insights and research in the areas of social policy, health and human services management. Since it was established in 1959, the School has continued to excel in its interdisciplinary approach to teaching that prepares its graduates to succeed in their careers and in research that helps uncover solutions for urgent social problems.

The School, through its applied research and active public engagement, is constantly examining policies, and offers some of the most sought-after graduate programs in international affairs. The Heller School itself prides itself on developing and producing research knowledge that aims to benefit the next generation of scholars.


The Heller School for Social Policy and Management. Pic: AP.

With students and faculty representing 60 countries, the Heller School – in the same spirit as Brandeis University – creates a diverse and multicultural environment for its students to develop their analytical and critical skills. Heller prepares passionate and committed graduates who boast high-quality knowledge and apply their skills towards significant social change. The School’s highly-personalized tutoring creates professionals who are keen to investigate and examine society’s pressing problems, and Heller’s extensive network of industry contacts help them to accomplish their career goals.

The vibrant community found at Heller is unlike any other traditional academic experience, making the Heller School a popular choice among students looking to participate in a truly unique student life.

The Heller School offers a choice of graduate degree programs that effortlessly bring together theory and practice in an environment that is geared towards support and innovative learning. These include:

MA in Sustainable International Development: Sustainable International Development programs at Heller bring together a community of concerned individuals who are keen to help build a new generation of development planners and policymakers, both within the United States and across the rest of the world. Staff and students at this department are constantly engaged in finding solutions to rid the world of poverty, preventable disease and environmental degradation. The MA in SID is internationally recognized as one of the leading higher education platforms that trains future leaders, development practitioners and policymakers in this field. Heller’s interdisciplinary teaching approach is reflected in this program that draws from real-world problems and experiences to build its curriculum, exposing students to the most up-to-date research in their subjects.


Pic: The Heller School for Social Policy and Management.

MA in Coexistence and Conflict: Heller’s newest program, the MA in Coexistence and Conflict, is aimed towards professionals who are looking to deepen their knowledge and skills in understanding and perpetuating global peace. Bringing together students from 40 countries, this MA is a unique theory and practice-based program that equips students with the skills and contacts to tackle local and global challenges in conflict areas. The curriculum is expertly based on employer needs in organizations that graduates are most likely to work with, preparing students sufficiently in conflict analysis, resolution, and mediation; policy making; evaluation; and sustainable development to make them high-value employees.

MS International Health Policy and Management: Bringing together planners and implementers, the one year MS program facilitates shared learning to translate research into policy and action. And because the program trains students in both policy and management, it addresses the critical gap that often exists between planning and implementation of health programs. Students learn how to make the best use of policy analysis to determine which plans work, which are the most cost-effective, and which are sensitive to a country’s values and culture. The MS program provides the student not only with a conceptual framework, but the tools and techniques to engage in policy development and evaluation, and to manage implementation.

PhD in Global Health and Development: Achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) will require investments, sound policy and policy implementation by low-income countries.  Students in this concentration learn how to apply cutting-edge research to solving development and health problems in low- and middle-income countries. The focus is on getting solutions implemented at scale with a specific focus on the poor.  Graduates of this concentration will contribute to national capacity to make sound and effective decisions regarding resource allocation, organization of the health and development sectors, and evaluation of policy reforms that will enable countries to use the MDGs as a critical tool in achieving wider goals of social well-being.


Pic: The Heller School for Social Policy and Management.

Studying at Brandeis University
Prospective students at the Heller School would be part of the enviable Brandeis community of scholars and future leaders of change. Brandeisians are intellectually curious individuals who participate in a variety of extracurricular events. The university itself brings together students from a 100 countries around the globe, and life at Brandeis has more to offer than simply academics.

The university hosts more than 250 student-run campus clubs and organizations including a Comic Book Club, Model UN Team, Poetry Slam Club, Culinary Arts Club, Yoga Club, Ultimate Frisbee, and Bellydance Ensemble.

Brandeis is also home to variety of performance events, ranging from arts exhibits at the Rose Art Museum, concerts and comedy shows at the campus coffee house, events at Pachanga, the International Club Dance party; or MELA, the South Asian Students Associations annual cultural festival. There is something for everyone at Brandeis, and being located only nine miles west of Boston allows students the comfort of day trips to enjoy the city’s cultural and culinary treats.

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