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Evertytime I sit down to write a blog, thinking about a name for it is the hardest part. So I have decided to call them only by one word that marked my week. And I must say, my new computer definitely did that!

I have decided long long time ago that I need to have a new computer for my master thesis since the old one was basically falling apart. Being an architecture/design student, Apple seemed like a good choice. Great design of the computer is just a bonus, these guys (computer is a HE in Serbian) are just made for the programs I use. Yesterday when I worked in InDesign it was moving almost too fast! I am not used to it and it made me jump like a small child, out of pure happiness. This also means that I am in full working mode from yesterday which is good for a number of reasons. 

My meeting with the supervisor is on Monday and I am trying to write down everything I wish to do for my master thesis and how to do it. From what I heard, everybody is having a slow start. Since most of the students want to have a real project in their thesis (and maybe include working in an office as well), we are all spending this first month just waiting for the answers from different clients. Did I write annoying somewhere? Because it is!

Most common situation in Sweden (but frankly not only here) is that you first send an email. There you will state who you are, what you need and why you need it from that specific person.  In my case this happens: 

1. they reply saying they unfortunately cannot help me, but Person X can, so I should contact them

2. I contact Person X but they do not answer

3. I must call Person X

I don’t know what happens after no3. It may sound very funny, but I am scared of making phone-calls! It is the least favourite thing on my list of least favourite things. It goes before eating a worm (though I never had to do that, but trust me I would if it means that I don’t have to call somebody). 

I have no problem speaking with people in person. It doesn’t matter if I know them, met them for the first time, did something embarrassing in front of them – I can and I will speak. But calling over the phone — that is just for the closest of family and friends. Otherwise I am just too nervous.

I guess that is something I have to work on.

Starting now and calling Person X.

Wish me luck,



p.s. new CIRC organized SAUNA party last Sunday, I am still waiting for the pics, but you will be the first to see them