What is the right age to start your MBA?
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What is the right age to start your MBA?

Actually I have no clue! Hi, my name is Michel van den Bosch and I am 43 years old. A little over a year ago my MBA adventure started. While having dinner with my parents, discussing the economic situation of the Netherlands and the rest of the world, my mother posted a question: “Why don’t you take a year off and study? You’re passionate about knowledge sharing and it will propel you to next level of your career.” Although my mother was right, as most mothers are, I had to figure out what to do. At this time my professional pursuits had taken me from hotel management via IT into strategic marketing. Most companies I worked for provided me with “high potential programs” to educate me in the future ways of working and leadership skills within those companies. My diverse background and corporate education would prove to be very valuable as a basis within my MBA year.


Michel van den Bosch, MBA, Nyenrode Business Universiteit

The average age of our group was 31 years of age and consisted of 38 professionals from 19 different nationalities. The diversity in our group provided refreshing insights on all subjects covered. Especially the experiential approach, company visits and the large amount of interaction with each other made me aware the different generations and cultures provide different insights into current business topics. By combining all those views we were able to come up with effective and sustainable solutions for the task at hand. It greatly improved our learning curve, provided the deeper insights and respect for each other’s backgrounds and will prove to be an excellent basis in the diverse and rapidly changing business environment that we are now a part of.

Looking at the pursuit of my career, I can now say that it made a difference. After this remarkable year, my network exploded and future prospects are revitalized. I am currently starting a new business in strategic marketing development and execution together with five partners and two professors. Even though the economy is still bleak we are building a sturdy foundation for a strong company, certainly the next level in my career.

In essence everybody is unique in their own way, age, their experiences, their pursuits and their personal view on life. This made our group unique as it will do for your group once you start your MBA at Nyenrode Business Universiteit.

Michel van den Bosch, MBA (MBA alumni, Nyenrode Business Universiteit)
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