Travel: 5 cheap and cheerful hostels in Beijing
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Travel: 5 cheap and cheerful hostels in Beijing

Intrepid travelers know that backpacker hostel experiences run the gamut from really great to really, really terrible. Sometimes it can be difficult to anticipate which of those it will be. The following five hostels are sure bets in Beijing, receiving positive reviews from travelers and boasting friendly staff who will help arrange sightseeing ventures, including hiring a driver to take you and your crew out to the Great Wall and booking tickets to Peking opera and acrobatics shows.

Beijing Downtown Backpackers
In terms of all-around service, Beijing Downtown Backpackers pretty much offers it all. Located along the popular cultural and nightlife street Nanluoguxiang, it’s situated in an ideal spot for sightseeing, shopping, dining and nightlife. Accommodations are clean, comfortable and reasonably priced, ranging from 75RMB (US$12) for a bed in a dormitory room to 230RMB (US$36) for a private room. All rooms have private bathrooms, and guests are entitled to a complimentary breakfast. The decor is extremely backpacker friendly: the walls are decorated with signatures and messages from previous travelers.


The Beijing Downtown Backpackers offers plenty of perks for travelers who stay there.

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