The year of 2012
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The year of 2012

DSC01352  Many people who watched the American movie <2012> felt panic that the year 2012 would really be the end of the world. Finally, it comes, and it turns out that everything is fine, at least, at the present.


                                           The movie 2012

I stayed in Gothenburg for the winter holiday, and since my trip back from France, I stayed in house almost all the time.
/>On the New Year’s Eve, someone told me that there was a big firework show in Lindholmen. As an idle people, I went there without hesitation. One reason is to kill the time, and the other one was that, I want to see the Swedish way of celebrating the New Year, and how splendid the firework would be. It was a ten-minute show.  However, it was a huge pity. Because of the foggy weather, people can only hear the voice “bomb” and saw the blur color of the firework. Anyway judging from the color, we can imagine the firework should be very beautiful.

Except the firework itself, I found that it was my first time to see so many Swedish crowded for such an event. You could see families with their little baby in the cradle, and some old couples. Actually, it was very cold that night, but people did applaud and screamed a lot for the “not that perfect firework”. In a word, the New Year’s firework show was great despite of the poor weather.

/>                          5 mins before the show



Today was the 9th day of the new year. It snowed heavily and brought a beautiful white world. In China, there is a saying:” A good winter brings a good summer”. I hope though it is 2012, everyone will have a fruitful year!