The Nyenrode MBA – a life journey
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The Nyenrode MBA – a life journey

Hi, my name is Jessica and I am a Dutch MBA graduate from Nyenrode. I graduated last September and am still, four months later, trying to grasp what all happened in a years time.

When applying for the MBA, I wrote several essays on what I wanted to do with my career, how I was planning to do it, and how the MBA would be the first step towards this. All this came, and is still coming true but looking back, the career aspect has become just a part of what the Nyenrode MBA did to my life. It did much more…


Jessica van Haaster, MBA, Nyenrode Business Universiteit Alumna

The value of true friendship

I think we are all sometimes afraid what will happen to you if you lose your loved ones. Being three months into the MBA program, my mother passed away. I was wondering what would happen. Was I able to manage this loss, and, at the same time, the pressure from the MBA? It was amazing the support I received from my fellow-students. They literally took me by the arm and dragged me through the exams right after the funeral. I managed to pass all the exams and continued the MBA full speed ahead. Even more than before just to make sure my mom would be proudly looking down on me. And like me, every MBA student has had his/her own setbacks during the MBA and conquered it because of the true friendships that arose at Nyenrode. Since the class sizes at Nyenrode are relatively small (+/-40), you will be able to make strong personal connections in a short period of time with people from all over the world which will last forever.

Do what you want, also if you do not know if you can do it
Like most people, when I look for a new job, sport or hobby, I tend to look for something that fits my profile and skills. The MBA confronted me with many aspects that were new to me, of which I was not sure if I was able to learn, understand or do it. Every time, somehow I still succeeded. Although it was not always easy and I had to make tradeoffs, the MBA helped me developing a new attitude that I can do more than I think, and that I am also stronger than I think. So instead of looking for something that makes logical sense, I now try to listen more to what I want, and challenge myself to make it happen.

The above are just two of many examples how this rollercoaster ride, called Nyenrode MBA, has enriched my personal and professional life. Please feel free to contact me for more about my Nyenrode experiences:

Author: Jessica van Haaster, MBA, Nyenrode Business Universiteit Alumna