Thanks and farewell
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Thanks and farewell

I have decided to take an extended break from blogging this year to chase up some other freelance writing opportunities. I am not sure when or if I will be back – it depends on whether the blogging bug returns.

The ShadowLands
blog has been going for three and a half years now, and it’s been a blast.

For the last two years I have been fortunate enough to work for Asian Correspondent, which is an important model for new media, and has already made a valuable, independent contribution to public discourse.

My sincere thanks to James Craven and the team at Hybrid News who have made it happen while allowing me all the freedom in the world.

My special thanks also go to those people who have supported the blog with links and inspiration and put up with my pestering, including Andrew Bolt, blog-father Tim Blair, Boy on a Bike, Theo Spark (look out, contains hot totty), Small Dead Animals, Tizonas, RWDB’s JF Beck and Dan and bloodnut kae.

Extra special thanks to my great online buddy and link provider, JM Heinrichs.

In the meantime, support the Tasmanian timber workers, educate your lefty friends about Israel and then reward them with chocolates.

Even better, why not have a go at starting up your own blog? Go on, I dare you.