Stuff I wrote somewhere else
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Stuff I wrote somewhere else

Here is a selection of articles  published outside Asian Correspondent in recent times…

Online Aunty walks on the left side of the street. Me whinging about online ABC- ironic/hypocritical/ indicative of complex personal contradictions –  take your pick.

Deciphering double speak of the new paradigm. Your Gillard dictionary right there, folks.

Can we afford the World Cup?  Not the most exciting article I ever wrote, but probably the most prescient. Turns out it would have cost us $1.5 billion, nearly as much as the flood levy, but we  were only told afterwards. Our World Cup bid was a disaster, but not as disastrous as winning the bid would have been.

Let the Tank Stream run free.  This article was inspired by the sheer arrogance of commenters at ABC Online when discussing the Murray Darling Basin, and one comment in particular, “Australia’s greatest urban waterways are worth more than your mundane lifestyles.” The Government has since torn up its report that put crustaceans ahead of people. Good.

Labor should stop meddling in markets…Where I argue that the problem with the Government is a comical inability to understand supply and demand.

The shallowness of rating politicians during disasters. My response to the Queensland floods.

If the Egyptians are hungry, let them eat ethanol. The importance of the price of food in international politics is vastly under-rated by western countries IMHO, and ethanol production may already have contributed to political unrest in the middle east. Great headline – wish it was my idea.

Fukushima facts obscured. How the IAEA failed us at Fukushima. (On the subject of nuclear, here’s one I wrote a few years ago – why we should export uranium to India.)

What will we do for a laugh without NSW Labor? The lowest form of humour is better than none at all, I reckon.

Radiation, activists and other hazards: includes a little anecdote explaining how I came to dislike hippies.

Another of my hobbies – whingeing about ABC online.

A little less conversation, a lot more fact checking.

Why it’s time to throw out your fax

My take on Australian of the Year.

Why everybody loves a climate crisis.

A case for fixing the Constitution.

The Culture Wars quiz.

Woohoo – I made it to the Speccie – one of my favourite mags. Why Europe needs a dose of thistle soup.

My AFL rant.

Our golden delusion – Olympic-sized rant this time…

How I got skinny.

My tribute to the Canberra centenary.