Making it to Nyenrode, The New Road!
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Making it to Nyenrode, The New Road!

I remember, on the 8th day of September 2010, walking down the pathway towards the Weijr building (the student dorms at Nyenrode), after passing the grandeur and prideful castle that I had only seen in videos and pictures. I asked my fellow colleague and soon to be classmate, Shriharsha Imrapur, “It still does feel like a dream to me. Are we really here?”

The joy of joining Nyenrode was simply magnanimous, looking forward to new friends, new language, staying at a beautiful campus, the move back to student life and, of course, to gain a keen business acumen: it was a totally new chapter of life! How much more exciting can it get?


Uday Shankar, MBA (Nyenrode Business Universiteit)

I am proud and fortunate to have had the opportunity to be a Nyenrodian, for life! The experiences and learning’s I have had from my studies, classmates, projects, professors and corporate interactions are invaluable and will sure help a long way.

My journey with Nyenrode, unlike most of my other classmates, started due to a partnership that both Nyenrode and MindTree had entered in to (one such example of strong ties that Nyenrode builds with the corporate world, both nationally and internationally). After a strong internal selection criterion within MindTree and a subsequent admission process with GMAT, Application Essays and Interviews, I and two of my colleagues, Sanjoy Roy and Shriharsha Imrapur were jointly sponsored from MindTree and Nyenrode. I was truly happy!

But before I decided to join, I researched the university and reached out to a friend’s friend from Netherlands for a feedback on Nyenrode, and when I received the response I was pleasantly glad, I am quoting a part of the response as is, “…it is a highly regarded university with a lot of high profile people studying from it, an average student can’t get an admission to this college, they need to be really good to secure an admission and pass successfully. It is great if you can get admission in this university.”

Very soon, I was also impressed by its very strong credentials in Netherlands, the small class size, international diversity of the class, international study modules, focus courses and FAN (Friday Adventures at Nyenrode) activities, to which there was no looking back.

Today, after a wonderful year, cherishing my memories of the 16th September 2011 graduation, I still feel enthralled by Nyenrode, not wanting to leave its joy and experiences- the experiences that will remain entrenched for life!

PS: There are many more things I would like to share, so stay tuned for more! Meanwhile if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me at, a Nyenrodian will be happy to help you out.

Author: Uday Shankar AB, MBA (Nyenrode Business Universiteit alumnus)