Learning from the Guru’s: The Nyenrode + CEO Confluence
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Learning from the Guru’s: The Nyenrode + CEO Confluence

Now that you know how I made it to Nyenrode (if not check my last post here), I share with you a prominent feature of the Nyenrode MBA from my year at Nyenrode.

A True Quest for Knowledge Never Ends. Hence, every time we reach a destination we only realise that it is just a point in between and there is much more travel to do and much more to know. And en route, as we travel the path, we seek knowledge from different sources: books, internet, friends, and experiences, success and failures from our own life and others.

I have strongly believed that learning from other people is one of the important sources of learning. Learning from others, seeing & understanding what they do, how they do, why they do, I believe helps us to be better equipped, and reduce our distance to continued success. These opportunities where what I was looking for in my MBA program- opportunities I found at Nyenrode!

Particularly in business, learning from leaders who have travelled the path, tapping the vast knowledge they have learnt, created and shared would hence be a great opportunity for any business student. I bet!

….and, the Nyenrode + CEO Confluence is just for that.

Being one of the activities of the FAN Fridays (FAN meaning ‘Friday Adventures at Nyenrode”), the Nyenrode + CEO Confluence offers a great opportunity for a Nyenrodean to interact with the CEO’s of the world! It helps in understanding what the current leaders are thinking, about their challenges and strategies, industry trends and many more things, it’s an opportunity to pick their brains! Isn’t it great? How often do we get such opportunities?


Uday Shankar, MBA (Nyenrode Business Universiteit)

But wait, it just does not stop there!

Before every confluence, Nyenrodian’s go back to the basic: they aim to understand, analyse and strategize about the company being visited and its industry. And, after developing a consultative report of what we think about the industry, includingits challenges and strategy, we present it to the CEO at the end of our visit. Yes, we put on the hat of real world consultants! I should say you have to be there personally in the room to know how it feels: the satisfaction and the pride you have when consulting for a CEO.

We had leaders from many different industries such as insurance, applications software, publishing, networking products, brewery, computer services, internet content/professional networking, e-commerce/products and many others. The Nyenrode + CEO Confluence was a splendid opportunity, to network, learn and share our thoughts with the leaders and I am truly glad about it.

PS: If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me at u.shankar@imba2011.nyenrode.nl, a Nyenrodian will be happy to help you out.

Author: Uday Shankar AB, MBA (Nyenrode Business Universiteit alumnus)