Hey, let’s go skating !
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Hey, let’s go skating !

Oh my gosh! I cannot believe it–I lost my skating ability, which I obtained 2 years ago in my college. It was on the PE class that I learned  it, and I got full marks for it! But today, I hate to say, but I fell down  3 times in less than 30 mins!! The skating end up with my classmate holding  me out of the skating arena!! I hurt heavily on my ass the first time falling down, then left knee, and third time my right knee. My classmate warned me “Tingting, if you don’t want to break something, just stop!!”


                       I am afraid of standing straight.

/>However,I think I will recommend my friends who love skating to go there–Heden 
/>(about 10 minutes’ walk from Chalmers). The entrance fee is 30kr, and for  the skates (30 SEK) and helmets (5 SEK). You can enjoy the beautiful music  when skating, for me, however, one heart for concentrating on my feet is not  enough, let alone appreciating the music, this time. Next time, hopefully, i won’t miss the music.

/>    Very good place for skating!

I try to find the feelings two years ago, but still cannot do well. I saw  several little boys and girls, they are so little, but skating with very  skillful steps, and a little girl was even dancing like a fish. They are brave.

/>        Am I cool?



The blue dressed, little fishy girl–sooooo flexibly

Next time, after recovering from the hurts, I will come again, try my best to pick up this ability.