e-Business grads find jobs e-asily
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e-Business grads find jobs e-asily

Job search? What job search? e-Business Marketing graduate Wassim Heematally was hired after his first interview, just days after beginning to look for work.

Heematally, who graduated from Humber College’s four-year Bachelor of Applied Business – e-Business Marketing degree program, works at TD Auto Finance Services as a bilingual resolutions associate. He was pleasantly surprised to be hired so quickly after graduating.

“I didn’t expect to get a job so soon, especially in a slower economy,” he says, “but I was well prepared for the interviews and I had a lot of experience thanks to my co-op at MDG Computers.”

Heematally started at Humber with minimal experience in computers. He had immigrated to Canada from Mauritius two years before starting at Humber in 2007.

“I only knew a little about email and e-commerce, but it was easy to see the trend of business moving online,” he says.

Heematally found that he was able to learn a great deal quickly thanks to the experienced faculty and small class sizes.

“We learned about web development, e-marketing, database systems, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and data mining,” he says. “This isn’t a computer science program. These are advanced business skills that companies and organizations require, and most degrees do not focus on them.”

Another graduate, Ryan Daoust, now works at Home Depot’s head office as a business-to- business (B2B) coordinator and graduated in 2009.

“I wanted to get an education in a field where I could get a job. e-Business is a newer field and a growing industry,” Daoust says.

Now, as a B2B manager, he builds relationships with suppliers, does gross margin analysis, and analyzes sales data, among other responsibilities.

“My co-op at the Ontario Ministry of Transportation also helped prepare me for working with different computer systems. My colleagues are impressed with how much I know.”