Canadian returns to Korea to confess to murder
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Canadian returns to Korea to confess to murder

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A Canadian man has caused shock by turning himself in for murdering a female university student who drowned in the Han River three years ago.

The Yongsan Police Station announced on the 17th that it had applied for an arrest warrant for the Canadian on charges of murdering his then-lover because he irrationally feared that she was going to kill him, alleging it was based on his confession that her drowning three years ago was actually murder.

The Canadian is accused of throwing then 21-year-old Ms. Kim into the Han River in Ichon-dong in March of 2009.

In 2001 the Canadian began working at a Korean university, where, he told police in his murder confession, “my lover Ms. Kim was meeting other people and I began to have a complex that she would kill me.”

At the time, the Canadian denied he had committed a crime saying Ms. Kim had fallen into the river while chasing a tennis ball, and no contrary evidence was uncovered. However, after returning to Canada he was wracked with guilt and turned to religion for comfort.

He sought advice from an American pastor whom he had known in Korea and contacted the victim’s family, then on the 16th went to the police with the pastor and Ms. Kim’s mother to turn himself in.

A member of the police said that “he confessed under the thought that, despite his repentance and the passage of time, by being punished under Korean law and making a confession to the victim’s family he could assuage his guilt.”

Netizens had various reactions to the news of the murder and the Canadian’s confession, such as “he must have been haunted by a Korean ghost even in Canada,” and “it’s lucky that the defendant was so full of sadness.”

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