Bureaucracy in Asia: India’s worst, Singapore’s best
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Bureaucracy in Asia: India’s worst, Singapore’s best

Rating bureaucracy is always a tricky thing to do. Not just tricky, it’s a paradox I never could solve. If we have to rate it, where would India stand? Hong Kong based Political & Economic Risk Consultancy Ltd has gone through an extensive survey and came up with a ranking. As I already knew, India is worst.


If we want to talk numbers, India scores a 9.21 on a scale of 10. That is impressively high. Unfortunately, the higher the number, the greater the bureaucracy. I don’t think anybody would contest that.

Corruption is the biggest theme when it comes to rating India. Executives wanting to do business in India will have their own stories. Tax laws and confusing environmental laws are other contributing factors for India’s well acknowledged bureaucracy.

Singapore, which also is one of the best countries to do business in, has a measly rating of 2.25 on a scale of 10. Everything is easier there. You can open a new business in a day instead of 6 months, for example.

12 Asian countries and their bureaucracy ratings

  1. India (9.21)
  2. Vietnam (8.54)
  3. Indonesia (8.37)
  4. Philippines (7.57)
  5. China (7.11)
  6. Malaysia (5.89)
  7. South Korea (5.87)
  8. Japan (5.77)
  9. Taiwan (5.57)
  10. Thailand (5.25)
  11. Hong Kong (3.53)
  12. Singapore (2.25)

The ranking has more or less remained the same as a similar survey was done in 2010.

China, despite being ranked high in the bureaucracy index, continues to zip along with its growth. The complaints you often hear about India are largely missing for China. You can build a 30 storey hotel in 360 hours in China. Bureaucracy doesn’t seem to be in the way at all.

Of course I don’t see all the Asian countries in the list. Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh are missing. Maybe that would have improved India’s prospects.

Here’s a thought : It’s bureaucracy. Why rate?

Via IBN Live. Image : Flickr user kongharald