Are you ready to start a new chapter? Think Nyenrode!
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Are you ready to start a new chapter? Think Nyenrode!

I am a South Korean. Life as a thirty-something  female professional in the Korean society was never easy.  After about a decade of working as a marketing and communications professional while performing various family duties that were expected from the society, I became a tough fighter with a mask of smiles on my face. I reached the point that I could no longer recognize myself.  Then, one day, I realized I needed a break from this all. And what would be a better idea than doing an MBA in the land of tulips? It is so perfect that you can have a break while enhancing your professional capabilities, right? Wrong.
Nyenrode’s International MBA program was far from ‘having a break’. It was like a warzone. FULL of surprises and challenges that lead you to have endless and restless days and nights. But wait. Don’t misunderstand me. Because ironically, it was a happy warzone. I definitely had a life full of joy and pride! Once I was asked to express my feelings of living Nyenrode lifestyle in a short quote and this is what I said:  Studying at Nyenrode is an exciting journey that encourages students to go extra miles with the greatest pleasure. At every corner of this breathtaking estate, there lies an adventure that reaches out to your hand, touches your heart and challenges your intelligence. At Nyenrode, life is ‘WONDER-FULL’. This says it all.  I might not have had a break that I wanted but I’ve gained something so much more valuable.

Yoony Kim, MBA, Nyenrode Business Universiteit

Nyenrode allowed me to close the previous chapter of my life and  open a completely new one, and, even better, a very promising and positive one. It’s like,  I am not only revitalized but also completely reborn! Of course, I am still the same old happy-go-lucky Yoony but I obtained a whole different perspective of life while studying  and living with 36 other talented classmates  of 18 different nationalities with totally and utterly diverse academic and professional background. I have learnt to see the bigger picture, to value the differences, to be generous about mistakes I make, to look forward rather than backward  and to accept myself as who I am. Professionally, I am prepared to tackle challenges that I have never even dreamt about coming across, thanks to the diversity and the intensity of the program itself. Personally, I am a more mature person armed with an extended family  and network from all around the world thanks to the genuine friendship I shared with my classmates and beyond.

So if you are ready to start a new chapter, look no further.  There is no better place than Nyenrode.  For more about my Nyenrode adventures, feel free to contact me:

Author: Yoony Kim, MBA (Nyenrode Business Universiteit 2011 aluma)