6 must-have iPhone travel apps
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6 must-have iPhone travel apps

Travel apps have literally transformed the way we move about. There’s almost little need to carry around a guidebook any more with all the information you need at the touch of your finger tips.

While there are new apps being added every week, and this list (see my previous also) is hardly the be all and end all, it still should give you some idea of how your fingers can help you do the walking.

There certainly should be no longer be any trouble losing your way, locating a good place to eat or drink, unearthing concerts to see, finding a flight and all manner of other information and good ideas that are out there today.

And if you have a favourite app by all means add it via the comments below. Happy iPhone travels.

1. Next Flight

For the price of a coffee NextFlight will let you rest easy should you be bumped from a flight or miss it. Search through schedules for up to three days with your origin, destination and departure date.

Price: $2.99


2. HearPlanet World Audio Guide

Channel 5 really put this travel app on the app map so to speak so we may as well quote what they said about it:

“HearPlanet is like having a tour guide with you 24-7. Simply search for a landmark around you. HearPlanet will then locate it from its massive database of sights and locations and find an audio guide to help you learn more about it.”

Price: $2.99


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