What are your predictions for 2012?
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What are your predictions for 2012?

It is customary at this time of year for The ShadowLands blog to record its predictions for the coming year. Go on, knock yourself out, and record your own predictions in comments…

• The Australian economy to remain flat, but increasing concerns to emerge about declining income from mining.
• More doubts to be raised about the measurement of Chinese economic growth.
• European economic situation to go from bad to worse cos they ain’t facing up to reality.
• It to become increasingly clear that the National Broadband Network has been a monumental waste of billions of dollars.
• Julia Gillard’s poll numbers to remain flat.
• Carbon price to cause companies to say they will move offshore. Gillard Government to be extremely generous throwing taxpayers’ money at them – causing more companies to claim they will go offshore.
• Gillard to win a challenge to her leadership around March and to eventually take Labor over the waterfall to its heaviest ever defeat.
• Rudd not to get enough numbers to seriously consider any challenge.
• NRL to get a significantly bigger television deal than AFL, causing some confusion in AFL-dominated media pundit land.
• Over and above any other failings, the Federal Speaker to turn out to be hopeless at the job, making Question Time virtually unworkable.
• Forests that have come under the protection of greenies in Tasmania to go up in flames in the summer of 2012/13, killing off many hectares of old growth forest and releasing millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide.
• Aussie uranium stocks to go gangbusters (Paladin currently $1.41).
• Tim Flannery’s Geodynamics to fail to produce electricity and the share price to halve once again (currently 15).
• The major ramifications from Fukushima to be related to stress, not radiation.
• European elections to favour the Right in a major way.
• The European Left to riot some more, since they’re not really that into the whole democracy thing.
• London Olympics to be fun, but a financial black hole.
• Bob Ellis to be sued – again.
• Populations to continue to increase from places where climate refugees are supposed to come from.
• Break up of ice to be two days later than 2011 in the 2012 Nenana Ice Classic (that would be May 6).
• Gillard to send asylum seekers to Nauru, more or less returning to the Howard Government’s Pacific Solution.
• Gillard to try to find some way to kill off Kevin Rudd.
• Record levels of self harm and disastrous fires in detention centres.
• Following major earthquake everywhere else on the Pacific rim in 2011, a major one to hit the US west coast in 2012.

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