Visa Extended : Finally !!!
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Visa Extended : Finally !!!

Yesterday I got a mail from Migrationsverket that my Visa decision has been made and I got it extended till 30th June 2012. It is irritating in so many ways. First of all it took like ages to get this reply. I applied for visa extension on 25th of July and it took them four and half months to respond. That too because my persuation and one of my friends help I was able to get a contact with one visa officer who finally processed my application. So technically I waited for approx 5 months for a 11 month visa extension. Secondly, I am going to work on my thesis in spring and most probably I will present the results in next July,August so it means I need to apply for another extention just for 2 more months. There is something wrong with the system.

Luckly I was not planning to travel during winter break or for thesis interviews outside sweden otherwise I would have missed that opportunity. Some of my friends were planning to but they couldn’t because of this problem.

On the other hand some of my friends who applied too early i,e. 3 4 months before current visa expired got it renewed in 2 months without any followup. So next year if you dont want to wait for visa and go through the same trouble I did just apply well in advance.

Anyway no blame game here but I think a student should not made to worry about all these things. Afterall we all have lots of other important things to do.

Over and out.