Travel widely: an MBA reflection
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Travel widely: an MBA reflection

“Kutembea Kwingi ni kuona mengi”: Swahili proverb that means one learns a lot by traveling widely.

The academic year is in full swing and the adjustments I have had to make over the past few weeks have been many and rapid as well. To put things into perspective, I have 21 nationalities represented amongst my 33 classmates. I have worked with people from different nationalities before but never this many at all once.

A number of people I have met thus far at Nyenrode have asked me what exactly endeared me to this country and this MBA program in particular. I needed international experience after working in East Africa for 5 years. It also helps that I absolutely ‘love’ the weather here. Now in land of seafaring traders that was built on and survives largely on their ability to trade this resonates positively. The Dutch who are known for being traders, merchants with an affinity for cheese and windmills have built their nation by trading globally. So these coupled with the excitement of Nyenrode Business Universiteit, a school whose mention alone espouses the very core of international trade, leadership, entrepreneurship and stewardship, brought me to the Netherlands.


Mackenzie Masaki, International MBA student, Nyenrode Business Universiteit

We were thrown right into the thick of things when we arrived hence I hardly got time to put things into perspective. A number of interesting events have taken place over the past few weeks as well. I got to meet Dutch Royalty; a serial entrepreneur; a survivor with a unique perspective on life, who also chooses to work only 4 out of the 12 months in a year; an ethical banker with an exciting business model; an IT industry operational expert; a thinker and a librarian with a keen eye for perfection. Not too shabby for the first few weeks of my study. All this distinguished individuals have over the years formed their thoughts and pursued their passion. Hence Nyenrode Business Universiteit seeks them out and invites them to share their story. In the hope that by them sharing their story with us we will in turn shapes the future of this world in our own unique way.

Author: Mackenzie Masaki, International MBA student, Nyenrode Business Universiteit