The special place called Nyenrode
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The special place called Nyenrode

It has been close to four months since I completed my International MBA from Nyenrode Business Universiteit. I have a nice job now which keeps me busy, I am back with my beautiful wife in India which makes me happy and content but somewhere deep down I continue missing my university, its people, and its campus where I spent one full year of my life. Nyenrode is indeed a very special place and for many reasons.

For many of you, especially if you are from Asia, Nyenrode might come as an unfamiliar European B- school name. I bet that most likely you would have heard about ERASMUS, INSEAD but not NYENRODE. But don’t underestimate what this little known university can do to you if you decide to enroll yourself as a student. Here is my story.


Sanjoy Roy, MBA Alumnus (2011), Nyenrode Business Universiteit

An MBA degree to me in September 2010 (before the start of the IMBA program) was a mere license to better career prospects. Like most of you, I have my own ambitions to make it big in life and hence conventional wisdom suggested an MBA after 12 years of work experience in the Indian IT industry. Today, having gone through the journey, I feel MBA is more about personal growth than professional growth and I thank Nyenrode for helping me realize this. My stint at Nyenrode has transformed me as a human being and has made me mentally and emotionally tougher than ever before. It is as if I have a new pair of lens now through which I get to see things differently and able to process and appreciate different perspectives all at the same time – a skill that was completely unknown to me till a year back.

If you are wondering how this happened, below is a short answer. (Editor of this site has imposed a strict restriction on number of words and hence I am giving you a short answer :). Please feel free to reach out to me for the long answer at

1. Nyenrode is all about experiential learning: More than classrooms, I learnt the most from my classmates who came from 19 different countries. Staying together in campus among so many different nationalities is a blessing and one will have to go through the experience to realize the power of this experience. (My best friend is a Dutch, my next door neighbor was a Korean on one side and a Belgian on the other, the eldest member in class was a Moroccan and the list of this diversity just goes on…..).

2. Real life exposure to Industry – Nyenrode to me is something beyond academics. Whenever any of us had expressed an interest in a certain business or sector, our university and alumni had always gone out of the way to put us in touch with the right contacts in the industry. Today my network (acquired during my MBA) is the biggest asset I have and this is possible only because I went to Nyenrode for doing my MBA.

To conclude, the decision to leave my family back in India and go to this little known university called Nyenrode in this tiny yet beautiful country called the Netherlands is by far the best decision I have taken yet in my life.

Author: Sanjoy Roy, MBA from Nyenrode Business Universiteit (graduated 2011)