Santa Claus is coming to town
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Santa Claus is coming to town

Last Friday, our program students held a party for the Christmas at Världskulturmuseeand and it was sooooo great!

Everybody had prepared—girls were in elegant dressing and many boys were with suits. For me, I brought my traditional Chinese female dress—Qipao. On the party, We had very traditional Swedish food, Christmas beer and it was very good.



Before the party, everyone was told to bring a gift with them. We hand in our gifts and then the toastmaster would hand them out again, in this way, everyone would get a gift from other people unknown. We were very eager for the process of handing out gifts. For me, I prepared a Chinese Knot with me, which originated from ancient China and meant “good luck”. I packaged it with very delicate box.


The gift I got is box of liquor candy.

About the gift, there is a very funny story. One of our naughty classmates prepared his gift with a very big paper box. Everybody was curious about what was inside. When the time for handing out gift came, the big box was very popular and many people wanted to get that. When a girl finally got it with great expectation, everyone was looking at her to see the big riddle. Can you guess what was inside? HAHA, The answer is —toilet paper!


Close to the glass is the most popular gift!

Later we sang popular Christmas songs. The pity was that I didn’t know Swedish, and there was only several paragraphs in English. Now I remembered a lyric was “Santa Claus is coming to town”. Do you know this song?

/>Christmas is approaching! Are you ready?