Så många saker, inte så mycket tid
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Så många saker, inte så mycket tid

This last week was sooooo exciting for me! Not only were my friends in Göteborg, but I have also found an examiner for my master thesis. And since most of the books about the topic I am interested in are in Swedish plus my examiner is Swedish (of course) it is a perfect way to practice. 

There is so many things I would like to say and write about, but my plane for Belgrade is in 3 hours and I still haven’t packed everything. Do you hate packing? I do. Especially when I am carrying only the hand luggage. 

Anyway, tommorow I will try to find some time and write about all the places to see in Göteborg during Christmas holidays. An ESN member from Austria asked me to help him with some suggestions for sightseeing and given that I just did that with my friends – I know the right places to go to :)

Until tomorrow, 

många pussar och kramar