My first experience with Ice Skating!!
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My first experience with Ice Skating!!

Last year around this week one of my friend asked if I would like to join them for Ice skating. I thought for a second and said Yeah! Why not? Frankly I never even tried normal skating but I thought how difficult that can be. There is ice, you were shoes with blades and just skate almost like you walk: P. So one fine Friday afternoon with subzero temperatures we all went a skating arena somewhere near Frolunda. I don’t remember the name of that skating arena but I remember we got off at Musikvagen and walked a bit towards that spot. We paid like 50 kroners for renting the shoes and for the skating.

I was all excited about the skating and my friends who were a lot experienced in that sport told me that it’s not that difficult but just lose your fear of falling down. They said I am going to be the joker of the evening showing my skills in falling on my face: P. We all geared up with those skating shoes and the entire skating track or whatever they call it was looking awesome. There were so many kids doing it so flawlessly that I reassured myself it is simple you will do great. I put my first step on that chilled ice floor and realized how wrong I am. The floor was hell lot sleeper than I had imagined. The fun begins. I was holding on to the fencing and trying to stand upright. All my friends were in the field telling me to let go and I was like “no guys it is freaking bad”J. So two of them came forward took my hands from the fence and started giving me a guided lesson in skating.

Here beings my falling spree. The moment they let my hand go suddenly I find myself on the ground and the worst part is getting up without falling down again. I was like a baby learning to walk. But the difference was babies don’t care if they fall down I on the other hand was overly cautious. But I guess after a while ( I mean after falling down like 10 times) I got a sense of how to balance myself. I told my friends to let go and tried to finish a round on my own. It was not bad actually. I did fall couple of times again but then i was getting better.






After one hour and half hour I was able to finish 3 more rounds without falling on the other hand my friends did like 10 15 and that too with free styles. My whole body started painting and we thought it’s time to go home grab some beers and dinner. So all in all it was a funny experience overall and I am planning to go this year too. Anyone like to join??