Most-read articles of the week — Dec. 18, 2011
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Most-read articles of the week — Dec. 18, 2011

Top 11 in society.

1. A report on a Forbes article about which countries produce the most contaminated food products.

2. A photo of a cloud that resembled the Korean peninsula, complete with the sun as Dokdo.

3. A mother dragged her son to the local police station for filching money from her purse.

4. A student posted on Twitter what she said was some fill-in-the-blanks her teacher made in which the answer was President Lee.

5. A newly married couple was found dead near a hillside in Gyeongju.

6. Former politician, Jeong Bong-ju, gave an interview to the podcast for the hit TV show “I Am a Singer”.

7. Two kids in Anseong allegedly bullied a classmate into giving them over 20 million won.

8. An article about the conflict between a high school and a senior who wants to revoke her admission to Seoul National Universty after also being accepted by Korea University’s medical program. He had told SNU he would attend.

9. A 27-year-old woman committed suicide, possibly because of trouble with the business she started after failing to achieve her dream of being an airline stewardess.

10. Another woman committed suicide after allegedly taking part in an assault and robbery of the former owner of the company she worked at.