Daegu student suicide investigation is growing
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Daegu student suicide investigation is growing

The country is currently in an uproar over the heartbreaking case of a student in Daegu who was cruelly bullied by classmates and ended up committing suicide. Police are now suspecting that many more students than initially thought may have been involved.

Police investigating the suicide of a middle school student in Daegu are expanding their investigation beyond the two students named in the bullied student’s suicide note to include students who had spent time in the student’s home.

The Daegu Police Station announced on the 28th that after analyzing security camera footage of the entrance to the victim’s apartment building, four unidentified students appear to have repeatedly entered the victim’s home.

According to police, one of the students on the videotape is shown laughing with the victim.

However, the other three appear to be shown with the main suspect, B, assaulting and taunting the victim. Police are working to determine their identities.

Accordingly there are now seven students being sought in the investigation, including those named in the suicide note, at least six of whom are known to have bullied the victim.

Police have confirmed that student B logged in 845 times to the online computer game that he made the victim register for in March, and are using IP addresses to confirm how many times the victim logged in.

Also, on June 3rd alone someone purchased seven in-game items worth 70,000 won in total using student B’s ID. The victim’s financial account does not show any corresponding transfers.

Police have said they will not be seeking a search warrant for the game company because it is likely they can find the information through other means.

Once police have ascertained the relationships among the students they plan to confer with prosecutors and bring charges against three more students by this weekend.

Police have also found over 20 posts written about the victim by the accused students on a major internet portal site, raising the possibility of learning the identities of nine of them.

Police are considering punishing students other than those accused for violating communications law by spreading information about strangers.

Also, to prevent further harm, police plan to ask that internet posts be monitored and deleted if they contain information about the case.

Police said that the suicide of a female student at the same school in July may not have been a simple suicide and that student’s parents may have come into possession of related evidence at that time.