Australia’s most appalling big things
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Australia’s most appalling big things

Back in the 1960s, a far-sighted individual built a 13 metre fibreglass banana as a roadside attraction at Coffs Harbour, on the New South Wales north coast. The Big Banana was one of the first tourist traps of its type, and is still one of the best – offering educational tours and activities, and a range of ghastly souvenirs.

Ever since the success of the Big Banana, towns around Australia have tried to replicate it and always fallen short to some degree. Here are some of Australia’s worst big things.

Ayers Rock, Karuah
The Ayers Rock attraction at Karuah on the mid north coast of NSW is not technically a big thing since it is smaller than the original, but oh my God, it truly is ghastly. This idea was a disastrous investment by the legendary Leyland Brothers. Check out the picture, and I’m sure you’ll agree that nothing quite conveys the cheapness and tawdriness of outback Australia…

The Big Potato, Robertson

The World’s Biggest Sundial, Singleton
The world’s biggest sundial might conceivably be of passing interest to some nerds somewhere if there were not larger sundials around the world. In fact, it turns out that it is the southern hemisphere’s largest one-piece sun dial. Not the worst looking big thing on this list, but possibly the nerdiest, and a grand reminder of regional mediocrity.

The Big Orange, Gayndah
Welcome to Gayndah, home of the world’s most unappetising looking oranges. Note to Gayndah Council: next time, make sure you check whether or not your contractor is colour blind.

The Big Wave, Phillip Island
Just yuck.

The Big Apple, Bacchus Marsh
Who knew that apples from Bacchus Marsh could look like some kind of inflamed, tortured gonad? Thanks, but I’ll have a packet of chips.

The Big Mushroom, Belconnen
Situated in the ACT, I guess this is symbolic of what the government feeds us on and what it does with public funds. The rust somehow just sets it off.

The Giant Koala, Dadswell Bridge
Is it possible to make the world’s cutest animal look completely frightful? Oh yes it is.