A focus on translational research
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A focus on translational research

After I got my Master degree, I asked myself two questions.
No. 1: are you really interested in biology?
No.2: what am I really interested in? My answer to the first question is YES! To the second question-to be honest-I didn’t have a clear answer at that time. However, in the deep heart, I knew I wanted to do something more practical and useful although I didn’t know what exactly it was.

By chance, I noticed a PhD program in Aarhus University that puts an emphasis on translational medicine. I told myself maybe I should have a try. So I did, and I am happy that I am here now.  There is a strong translational research atmosphere here in Department of Human Genetics which now is part of the newly built Department of Biomedicine.  Without walking out of the building, I can find many colleagues who are interested in translational medicine especially gene therapy. One month after my arrival in Aarhus, the world’s largest funder of biomedical research—NIH—approved to establish a new center devoted to speeding therapies from bench to the bedside. It’s a good era for translational biomedicine research… 

/Yujia Cai,
PhD at Aarhus University

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