Four days in France — the first day
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Four days in France — the first day

First, I should say “Merry Christmas to everybody!”

It has been 10 days since my exams have been finished. I chose to stay here instead of coming back to China. For one thing, it’s really a long trip from Gothenburg to my hometown; for another, it will cost me over 6000kr. I miss my friends and family members of course, but my trip to France alleviated my homesickness.

Thanks to my French classmate for guiding me and providing accommodation, I was able to see France both in a big view–for the great monuments–and from a small angle living with a French family. It was such a wonderful trip!

On the first day, we arrived at Paris about three and I went to the Place Charles de Gaulle where the Paris Triumph Arch is located and the Champs Elysées. From the top of the Arc de Triomphe, we could see the beautiful night scene of Paris.

Arc de Triomphe–Spendid

DSC00905  DSC00890  DSC00900

We climbed to the top of it for six Euros, which was really worthwhile. We saw the great light scene of the whole of Paris. I tried to recognize some famous architecture, but failed. However, the most striking view was the Eiffel Tower. Everyone just took out their camera and tried to get the best position for viewing it.

The Amazing Eiffel Tower


Champs Elysées–Prosperous and Luxurious

DSC00878  DSC00909

In Chinese “Champs Elyses” is translated as “香榭丽舍大街” which was translated by a very famous painter and educator, Beihong Xu. He used the combination of Chinese classical style and romantic western style in the translation.

Lido–special show


Luxury shops

Though it was raining all the time and we didn’t bring an umbrella, we felt very excited and happy. Tomorrow, we have more places to go: Seine River, Notre Dame de Paris, Tour Eiffel and maybe some typical French food. Great!